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Medical Grade Skin Care Products

Sold in office and online! Medical Grade Skin Care -  SkinMedica, SkinCeuticals, Vivier, Elta MD, Skinbetter, and Jane Iredale

​What is the difference between Medical Grade Skin Care and all the others (over-the-counter, drug store brands, those you may buy from friends)? Medical grade can ONLY be sold in a medical office by medical or skin professionals. It has more active ingredients than over the counter brands and less diluents. Medical grade products have been researched in human trials, are FDA approved, and have been shown to actually improve the condition of the skin. Over-the-counter products sit on the surface of your skin whereas medical grade skin products penetrate into deeper layers of your skin.

SkinMedica is committed to advancing the science of skin rejuvenation through research and innovation. Their products work with your skin's natural healing properties to help you achieve transformative results from the inside out. All of their products promote the long term health of your skin. Our staff favorites are: TNS Advanced+, Lumive Lytera, and HA5.

To maintain and improve skin health, an effective skincare regimen must contain three fundamental elements — prevention, protection and correction. SkinCeuticals combines these elements into their best-selling skin care products such as the Skinceutrical CE Ferulic serum and the Discoloration Defense serum, both backed by science. Some of our staff favorites include CE Ferulic, Soothing Cleanser, Triple Lipid Restore, and A.G.E. Interrupter.


Physicians trust EltaMD Skincare as the #1 dermatologist-recommended professional sunscreen brand because they provide safe, broad-spectrum UV protection in natural, zinc-based, cosmetically elegant formulations. All EltaMD sunscreens are non-comedogenic, sensitivity-free, fragrance-free and paraben-free. Ask your physician about how using an EltaMD sunscreen every day can help prevent signs of premature aging and protect against sun-related skin diseases. Staff favorites include UV Elements Tinted, UV Sport, and UV Clear Tinted.

The award-winning skin care products at Skinbetter leverage decades of rigorous research to deliver remarkable results in professional skincare. With products only available for purchase through authorized providers such as Cayce Medical Spa, you can be sure that Skinbetter formulas such as the AlphaRet overnight creams are truly dermatologist approved. Staff favorites include AlphaRet Overnight, AltoDefense, and Solo Hydrating Defense (for men). 


Also known as “The Skin Care Makeup,” the Jane Iredale makeup and cosmetic line is recommended by plastic surgeons and dermatologists throughout the world. Jane Iredale products are non-comedogenic and contain no talc or parabens. There are virtually no allergy risks when using Jane Iredale products and many are formulated with inert minerals that do not support the growth of bacteria.

Each product has been sensitivity tested and boasts broad-spectrum UVB and UVA protection with an SPF of up to 20. Additionally, Jane Iredale products contain anti-inflammatory properties that will calm and soothe irritated skin so you can enjoy complete coverage for skin conditions such as acne, rosacea and general facial redness. These products are also safe enough to use after abrasive treatments such as chemical peels and laser resurfacing.

The estheticians at Cayce Medical Spa are happy to offer Jane Iredale makeup consultations. Each consultation will consist of a 50-minute makeup learning session with one of our certified staff. Full makeup application in addition to your consultation will be $60.00 and any product purchased that day will go toward that fee.

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Vivier believes that the best skin care products must have strong science, innovative ingredients and rigorous testing in order to deliver exceptional results. Vivier has a patented, highest quality stable Vitamin C serums with L-Ascorbic Acid (USP) that penetrate deep into the skin. More recently, Vivier launched a new ingredient Polyamine-DAB, which is clinically proven to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and increase skin’s firmness and volume. Staff favorites include Grenzcine Eye, Hexam, Refreshing Toner, and C&E Peptide. For free shipping, enter code number "5732341000" when you add the first product to your cart!