Facial Contouring

Evoke Face

As the industry's first hands-free applicator, Evoke Face is specifically designed to address the cheek and jowl area. Our providers here at Cayce Med Spa in Columbia, MO, utilize this device to deliver radio frequency (RF) energy deep into the subdermal layer, heating the Fibro Septal Network (FSN), which is the network of fibrous bands that give your skin structure and support. With its ability to maintain a constant temperature, Evoke remodels the dermis and subdermal tissue, resulting in more defined facial characteristics and improved skin laxity. Evoke Face is especially good for tightening up a double chin, lifting sagging jowls and defining facial contours.

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Morpheus8 is a fractional device with programmable penetration depth and energy delivery for a more personalized treatment experience. 24 coated pins penetrate into the subdermal tissue, coagulating the fat and contracting connective tissue. Simultaneously, directional radio frequency (RF) energy generates heat in the dermis. By doing so, this procedure works to even skin tone and target fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars.

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AccuTite is a minimally invasive, radio frequency (RF) treatment that utilizes a technology called RFAL or radio frequency assisted lipolysis. During the procedure, RF energy is transferred directly into the fat through an electrode. The energy then works to eliminate fat cells, resulting in fat removal and skin tightening and contouring. AccuTite is not only great for facial contouring but can also be used body-wide to treat smaller areas of concern including fat of the underarms, abdomen, knees and thighs. If you don’t feel you are a good candidate for a tummy tuck our minimally invasive procedure, AccuTite is right for you.

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