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Submental fullness can impact men and women and can be influenced by several factors such as genetics, weight gain and aging. It can also be resistant to diet and exercise. From fat reduction to chin and neck tightening, Cayce Medical Spa has various treatment options to target this area.


Improve your profile and facial symmetry with Kybella. This FDA-approved injectable treatment is tailored to improve the appearance of moderate to severe fat beneath the chin by permanently destroying fat cells in the treatment area. This injection, formulated with deoxycholic, is administered by our licensed Dermatologists. Deoxycholic is an element found in the body that has the ability to break down fat cells. The fat in your chin is naturally metabolized by the body over a period of about 4 weeks. The number of treatments needed will depend on the volume of fat in the chin. The end result is natural fat reduction as well as a slimmer appearance in the face.


Evoke Neck

Evoke Neck is the first hands-free applicator designed specifically to address the neck and submental areas. The patented technology harnesses the power of RF energy to remodel facial tissue and improve its appearance through both fat reduction and skin tightening.

After 3 sessions
After 3 sessions


Coolsculpting can be used to also treat stubborn fat under the chin. Coolsculpting can reduce fat under the chin by 20-25% by freezing the fat cells through cryolipolysis; and when used to treat the chin, it can also improve skin laxity.

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