Scar Removal

Our treatment protocols for acne scarring are customized to the type of scarring present, the amount of scarring, and the patient’s treatment goals. First and foremost, we ensure that the patient’s acne is under control to prevent future scarring. We offer acne treatments for all types of scarring, usually utilizing a combination of procedures, and also offer various medical treatment options such as chemical peels, microderms, and extractions. Depending upon severity and type of scar, the following procedures are recommended: micro-needling by Eclipse MicroPen and skin resurfacing.

The Micropen (also known as automated micro-needling) is the latest technology in reducing fine lines and acne scars. This procedure has been proven to produce younger looking skin with less signs of aging and damage. This treatment has effectively reduced acne scars, stretch marks, traumatic scars, fine lines and wrinkles, while giving patients an overall appearance of beautiful, glowing skin.

Subcision of Acne Scars

  • Procedure for some types of acne scars
  • Surgical treatment that releases the dermis from the tissue beneath it so that the scar is not bound

Cross Procedure

  • Procedure for pitted acne scars
  • A small amount of tri-chloracetic acid is placed into the scar